4 Signs Your Firm Needs a New Website

Having a website is an important part of your law firm’s brand identity; it’s a resource for both potential and new clients.  Since clients can tell whether or not your website is up to date, having an outdated website could leave a potential client feeling like you’re not professional. If you are unsure about whether your law firm website is up to date or not, here are four signs that can help you determine if you’re in need of a new website.

  1. It isn’t mobile friendly

Google has now made changes that mean that mobile-friendly sites rank better on search engine result pages. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s likely that your Page Rank is going to suffer.  This is more important if your target market is millennials. They’re more likely to use their smart phone or other mobile device to search before getting on a PC or laptop. You need to be able to reach out to your audience no matter the platform. Having a mobile friendly website is essential in today’s digital marketplace.

  1. Your website looks like every other lawyer’s website

When was the last time your site design was updated? Does your current design look like it dates back to over five years ago? Today’s internet-savvy customers expect to see a professionally designed site with current content and modern colors, fonts, and even programming languages. Clients are very visual, and they want to see something that sets you apart from the websites of the ten other lawyers they’ve already researched.

  1. Your bounce rate is on the rise

A bounce rate indicates how many users visit your site, only to leave shortly after the site has loaded, without exploring other pages. Having a high bounce rate is an indication that your content isn’t delivering or isn’t intriguing enough.  Having an up-to-date design with fresh content will let a potential client know that your firm is legitimate and current.

  1. Your traffic is declining

Declining traffic could be caused by a variety of reasons, but whenever you see a drop off, be it gradual or sudden, it’s important to look at why. Upgrading or redesigning your website gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your SEO strategy, develop a content marketing plan, and present a fresh face to anyone who is a return visitor.

Ultimately, website redesign is something that should be evaluated on a regular basis; if you’re regularly looking at analytics, traffic, and metrics such as bounce rate, you’ll be able to easily identify changes that need to be made, and determine if a full or partial website redesign should be included in those changes.