Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics for Law Firms

With the world being technologically advanced and face to face interactions decreasing, people now rely on the internet for almost everything. For lawyers however, this is not always the case. Even though most individuals will Google the nearest and most successful attorney, individuals still get a lawyer’s name from an acquaintance, colleague, family member or friend through word of mouth referrals. These referrals still remain golden in the legal industry.

So how do you increase customer referrals?

The most basic answer is to provide great service. This is true of any industry. As an attorney, you are held to a higher standard when it comes to defining great service.

You should make sure that your clients know you’re looking for referrals. Handing out a few extra business cards is never a bad practice.

Keep yourself fresh in your client’s minds. That saying “out of sight, out of mind” is pretty appropriate for lawyers. After all, many of your clients will only call you when they need you. Consider setting up a newsletter on your website, and send out a monthly email message reminding clients of the various ways you can help them. If you run into a client at a sporting event or the grocery store, greet them warmly, so that they know you’re happy to see them. This makes a distinct impression on people.

Remember that once that referral goes out, the new lead is probably going to hop online to do some research. While you’re cultivating current client relationships hoping to get that referral, make sure you spend some time on your web presence as well. Here are a few tips:

  1. Website– You’ll need a well designed website. It needs to look professional and convey the image that you and your law firm are a well-trusted source for legal help.
  1. Reputation Control– If you’ve had bad reviews, you won’t be able to have them removed, but you can take counter-measures to make them harder to find. Get with an SEO pro to ramp up your site’s search engine optimization to help the negative content about you fall further back in search engine results. If bad things are being said about you, public rebuttal is never a good idea, but trying to get to the heart of issues may help you turn an unhappy client into one who’s happy to refer you.
  1. Be proactive with social media– Today’s social media users are tomorrow’s clients. Find out where your current clients are, and establish a social media presence on those platforms.

Word of mouth referrals are the bread and butter for any law firm. By using these tips, you can make the most of those referrals when they come in! If your web presence isn’t quite as professional as it could be, schedule an appointment with one of our experts so we can establish a customized strategy to help your firm grow online.