Does Your Law Firm Need a Mobile App?

It seems like everyone has an app these days – and for a good reason: mobile app usage is on the rise.

As of April 2014, mobile users spent an average of two hours and 42 minutes on their phones each day; mobile app usage accounts for two hours and 19 minutes of that time (86 percent). That means that mobile users are spending just 22 minutes browsing the Web… but what does this mean for your law firm?

To put it simply, if you’re relying on your website to do the work for you, it may be time for a mobile app. People are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices and our society continues to be ever more on the go. That said, to reach your potential clients, you need to be accessible in the ways that they are most receptive.

Why, Though?
When many people think of mobile apps, they think of things like social networks, games and other forms of entertainment. However, mobile apps are useful for just about anything that provides clients with easy, convenient access to information and helpful devices.

For law firms, this can mean anything from appointment reminders to payment management or case updates. Your mobile app might integrate with their calendar, providing instant access to their legal appointments and reminders about things happening behind the scenes with their case. In this case, it not only provides a service and convenience, but provides them with transparency and additional insight into the things they care about.

Alternately, an app might provide your law firm with a direct line to your client, helping you to collect on invoices more seamlessly and with greater success. This feature could also benefit your client by making paying those invoices easy and convenient for them.

Making an App Successful
To make your law firm’s mobile app successful, there are a slew of best practices for design, user experience, and functionality. But beyond that, there are some basics you must keep in mind:

1 – Ensure that your app offers something that your website doesn’t. For example, your website likely provides information about your firm, its practices, and its lawyers; make sure that your app goes beyond this, providing additional value. Your app might alert your clients of important legal decisions on cases similar to theirs, provide appointment scheduling services, or any number of beneficial capabilities. Be creative.

2 – Security is incredibly important – particularly if your app will deal with scheduling and payments. Make sure that you work with an agency who is able to build a secure app and manage security on an ongoing basis. Threats are continually evolving – you need someone who can stay ahead of them to protect you and your clients.

3 – You have to let your clients know about your app. Promoting your app with a download link on your website, providing download instructions via collateral, and giving recommendations from administrative staff and your lawyers are all successful options. The agency developing your app will undoubtedly have ideas, especially if they also specialize in marketing.

To get started on your mobile app, contact LegalElite and let us know how we can grow your law firm.