Why Your Law Firm's Logo Matters

As with any organization, your law firm’s logo stands as an initial representation and first impression of who you are. So what does that 14 pt Times New Roman font that spells out the last names of your top four partners really say to the public?

Sadly, not as much as you’d like.

Your logo should make you memorable – and generic “logos” that list off partners last names simply do not accomplish this. Look at consumer brands for an example – consider the Nike Swoosh, Target target, or Sesame Street sign… each of these brands holds an image that is synonymous with their name. Your law firm’s logo needs to do the same – in the law firm interpretation, of course.

This means taking steps to make your logo make an impression. Consider your color scheme, fonts, font size, and more. Perhaps you include a symbol that means something to your firm or emphasize only the name of the head partner – it’s up to you, so long as you choose some element that sticks in people’s minds and helps them to remember you.

Stand Out
Your logo also must stand out from the competition – without this, you’re often lost in a sea of logos. When people search for a law firm, they are often evaluating numerous firms – and each firm likely has a logo displayed. Often times, law firm logos make heavy use of black and grey fonts in an effort to show seriousness and professionalism – this is fine, but it also blends things together. Consider punching up your logo with a color to make your company and logo stand out from the competition.

Make an Impression
As mentioned, your logo is often your first impression with a potential client – one that you leave before that client even meets with one of your attorneys. That said, you need to make a positive first impression that not only leaves the viewer knowing that you are legitimate and trustworthy, but that also leaves them knowing something about your firm. This last part is why many organizations incorporate a tag line into their logo – a brief statement about what they do. While this is one way to do it, it is certainly not the only way – think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to take a risk.

Your logo has lots of responsibility, especially for something so small in size. Whether you are developing a website, sponsorship placement, email campaign, or simply letterhead, your logo will be a part of that document, branding it along with your reputation. It is a tall order to fill and the one piece of art that will stick with your company for years to come, touching everyone who finds your firm. Take it to heart and make it count.