How Lawyers Can Benefit From Email Marketing

It’s hard to believe that email marketing has already been around for more than two decades. Since those early days of plain text email, we’ve come a long way, evolving technology and capabilities to support hyperlinks, graphics, and even videos. Because of its versatility, this long-lasting marketing medium continues to serve as a cornerstone of many organizations’ marketing plans – while it may not be the primary tactic in your marketing and communications plan, you should still include it in the mix; here are just some of the ways that lawyers can benefit from email marketing.

Passthrough Rates
One of the great benefits of email is that that same message can be shared with others who were not on your original list, expanding your reach while also providing you with potential new leads and growing your campaign’s ROI. Sure, people can pass a flier or postcard onto a friend – but simply pressing that forward button is so much more likely.

Proving Expertise
Since email marketing is relatively low cost, you can send emails on a regular basis. Take advantage of the frequency opportunity to inform your subscribers of new legal developments relative to their interests; doing so will help to establish you as a leader in your space and also provide immediate benefit to your subscribers, regardless of whether they are already a client.

By including these updates via email, you have an opportunity to establish yourself with a potential client before ever meeting with them in person or via phone – when they do have a need, you are likely to be at the top of their list.

Learn Your Audience
Lawyers typically get to know their audience based on their area of practice and what they learn when someone comes to them with a need – but with email marketing, you have a way to learn about your potential clients’ interests before you meet them.

A/B testing, a way of testing two concepts simultaneously to discern which approach garners better results, can help you glean insights as to topics and messaging tactics that resonate best with your audience. Try testing two different subject lines or two different topics with the same audience – doing this over time will give you information to better develop all of your marketing materials to achieve better returns.