5 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a New Website

You law firm’s website is more than just a resource for potential and current clients – it is an important part of your brand, a way to secure new clients and leads, and a valuable resource. However, clients can tell in the blink of an eye whether your website appears current or outdated – and that blink is often all the time you’re given for judgment. If you aren’t sure whether your website needs a refresh or not, look to these five signs:

The Five Signs

  1. Your Traffic is on the Decline
    Declining traffic can be an indication of many things, ranging from lack of demand to poor reputation, bad SEO strategy, and more. However, luckily for us, in the world of law, our services are pretty consistently required – so declining traffic with legal websites usually stands as an indication of the other factors. A new website is a great opportunity to revamp your SEO strategy and develop a content generation plan, which will help to drive traffic your way. By updating your website’s content, you will also automatically get “brownie points” with the search engines – new content scores positively and is given preference.
  2. Your Bounce Rate is on the Rise
    Your bounce rate is an indication of people arriving on your site only to leave shortly after the site loads without exploring your content. At times, it could be that they simply landed in the wrong spot, but more often than not, it’s a sign that your content isn’t delivering and that you aren’t intriguing your potential buyer. A new website provides an opportunity to reorganize and re-write content that is fresh and appealing, while also generating an up-to-date design that lets potential clients that you are legitimate and current.
  3. Your Site is Written in an Archaic Language
    There isn’t just one “right” language for websites – there are tons of them with new languages constantly developing. However, that doesn’t mean that the old ones are good standbys, necessarily… many older languages simply can’t support the functionality and page elements that newer languages do – for example, you may not be able to launch video or use newer font styles. There are tons of old languages – think Cold Fusion, for example. Look to current languages, like Java, .php, .asp, and a slew of others.
  4. It Looks Like Every Other Lawyer’s Website
    Legal websites get a bad rep – and, unfortunately, for a good reason (most of the time); they all look the same! Most lawyer websites have fallen into the nasty habit of using static pages with cheesy images, basic fonts, and predictable layouts. If your website looks like everyone else’s, it makes it difficult for your site to stand out – your conversion rate is a good indication of whether this is an issue for your firm. Work with a professional design team who can develop something custom and out of the box to get your message across while being informative and interesting.
  5. It Isn’t Mobile Friendly
    With the growing mobile trend in technology, it’s no surprise that having a mobile presence is important for your business. 57% of users won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile site. You need to be able to reach out to your audience, regardless of what platform they’re on. If not, you’re losing valuable leads to your competitors who have caught up in this mobile-driven world.