Optimizing Your Law Firm's Social Media Pages

We’ve talked before about the importance of SEO for your law firm’s web presence. But for the elevator pitch version, SEO is a way of developing an online presence through content generation with the goal of increasing your organization’s search engine result listing. Something like 70 percent of people never look past the first page of search results, so getting on that first page is hugely important; SEO helps you to get there. But SEO isn’t just tied just how you write your website or the content pieces that you generate; it even crosses over into your social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked in. So how can you optimize these social media pages?

Strategic Alignment

SMO (social media optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization) are closely related cousins – while separate things, they’re still part of the optimization family of tools. Some of the tactics that you use for SEO, such as keywords and relevancy still come to the table. As you create your posts, take care to use the same keywords and topics in your social media posts as you do in your SEO content. Google+, for example, is well known to individually index each of your posts and pieces of content; take advantage of this. Your strategies and assets should work in tandem, complementing one another.


Make your content easy to share – the number of shares helps to bolster your content’s (including your social media posts’) interest to the general public and popularity. Include social icons grouped together on your website and wherever else you can include them so people can easily share your content. Also, make sure that your content includes shareable links in the first place.


As is the case for SEO, consistency is yet again important when it comes to SMO. Posting once on a topic may earn you a seat at the table, but to keep that seat, you have to keep contributing. The more you post on a topic, the more likely you are to earn additional followers and fans – building your social media presence is very important to optimizing your pages and earning better rankings. Consistently contributing is an important step to earning the audience to make you a player.

Own Your Tags

The various social networks have their own “tags” – or information that carries with your posts when someone shares your content. Owning your tags – which is to say pre-entering the information that will display with your info when someone shares it – is an important step; if you don’t do it, the person sharing the information can enter their own.