Establishing a Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

We’ve all seen the standard lawyer marketing billboards and TV advertisements and, let’s be honest, they can be a bit painful to watch. However, the tactics themselves can have merit if used properly and if aligned with a solid law firm marketing strategy; so how exactly can you establish a solid marketing strategy for your law firm?


If you remember nothing else, remember that your materials need to be cohesive. This means that all of your materials should follow the same tone, the same look and feel, and provide a unified message. While your materials certainly be unique from one another, someone who sees your television advertisement and then sees your billboard should be able to recognize your brand; if your pieces are too different from each other (think larger picture in terms of unrelated graphics, fonts, wording, tone, etc.), they are more likely to forget you. Cohesiveness makes your marketing “sticky.”


Your law firm’s marketing strategy should use any number of different tactics and media in a way that each element is released in strategic timing. This means that if you are airing a television ad, you also release a related postcard, for example, to reach the same audience with a follow-up method. Your campaign should build; one random flier is unlikely to have much impact, but pairing that flier with numerous mailings or other law firm marketing elements is bound to have a better return on investment (ROI) because people will more readily recognize your brand and recall it.


Creativity is always a plus, but remember that lawyer internet marketing is an important part of your strategy. Most consumers research on the internet before actually committing – so taking time to build your internet presence is a valuable investment. Consider regularly updating your website, pitching lawyers to speak at industry events – the added publicity and internet mentions will serve you well, advertising through Google or legal resource sites, and more; the options for lawyer internet marketing are endless.

Beyond the internet, you might find print media, such as flyers; postcards; or even billboards beneficial. Consider television and radio or even on-site events such as relevant tradeshows and expos. Content development is another great arena for law firm marketing as it affords your top talent to shine and position themselves as experts while also securing exposure for your firm.

Regardless of which tactics and timing you employ, take the time upfront to design your law firm’s marketing brand. Map out what it is that you want to say and how you want to say it – do you want your marketing elements to hold a friendly, approachable tone or an ominous one (or anything in between)? Who is the audience that you are looking to reach? Your materials should target to that audience to secure the best ROI. What makes you unique? Determining the answers to these questions will help to develop your brand and to map out an effective marketing strategy for your specific law firm that targets your actual clientele.